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Your P2P crypto exchange marketplace where our community can trade crypto directly with each other. Buy crypto on other exchanges and sell them here for a profit using PayPal, PayPal-Xoom, Wise and Airtm payment gateways.

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Buy Crypto Currencies with Peace of Mind

With a proven track record and a top of the line decentralized system, we provide a reliable buying platform for cryptocurrencies. Buyers earn residual revenue rewards on their funds held in their custodial wallets.

Sell Crypto Currency Without the Blockchain Hassle

Deposit crypto here and benefit from out Loss Margin Guarantee program. Hold your crypto here for a minimum of 90 days and we guarantee a 15% margin loss recovery on your balance. We provide a reliable selling platform for cryptocurrency that provides the most benefits.

Why Choose Us

We strive for the highest standards of legal compliance enhancing trust and financial stability. We're creating a community, a brotherhood of sorts of like minded people who wish to create and grow their wealth from sound financial practices.

Legal Company

Our company conducts absolutely legal activities. We are certified to operate this business, we are legal and safe.

High reliability

We are trusted by a huge number of people. We are working hard constantly to improve the level of our security system and minimize possible risks.

Earn extra income

Buy and Sell your Bitcoin at your chosen rate and it is a great opportunity for all the uses to get more profit from this site.

Sell Bitcoin online

The selling process is also simple! Sell your Bitcoin at your chosen rate, and get paid in one of the numerous payment methods.

Buy Bitcoin Online

The buying process is so simple with this site. Just log in to the account and buy any of the bitcoin package based on demand.

Members Benefits

- Earn reward points from trading activities to qualify for cash bonuses - Community members are eligible for interest free trading loans - Community members are eligible for cash advances - Loans are secured by the future value of their staked earnings - Members can transfer their accounts balances to staked NFT pairs - Credits from trading activities are converted to cash and shared among community members - Referral program for community members to earn while assisting in growing the community

FAQs - How to Make Money with Our Crypto Exchange

We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform. If you have a query that is not answered here, Please contact us via mail. [_supportdx@lignum.gold_]

For Every $100 in transactions per token traded a flat platform fee is taken in addition to a 3% marketing fee. From the 3% deducted we pay 50% to the referring community member. We pay a grandfather commission of 50% matching bonus of the earnings generated by your referrals. When your referrals make money you make 50% of what they make. You make money from business transactions executed on the platform as this is nothing like signing up people to sign up other people - nothing like that. This program is run solely on business activity, as long as business (buying and selling) is being done everyone makes money.

Let's base this on the assumption that you have staked $LGTX liquidity or NFT pairs valued $5000 (this is your net present value) and have traded for a minimum of 100 times during the last 90 days. You qualify to apply for a loan amount between $25000.00 and $50000.00. The collateral amount is then time-valued forward over the duration of the estimated pay back period and future value of your committed assets is taken as collateral on the loan on a future value basis.

With such an innovative P2P platform such as this, we provide the members of our community the benefit of getting trade activity bonuses ~15% on your wallet balances. Your BUY and SELL actions trigger your rewards as follows: 20 transactions last 30 days - 5% trading bonus on balance 50 transactions last 60 days - 10% trading bonus on balance 100 transactions last 90 days - 15% trading bonus on balance Average transaction value required to earn bonus is $100.00

Yes you can and always will no matter the direction the market is trending. Imagine you have $1000 and is willing to trade it using BNB at 5% margin of profit. You trade BUYs and SELLs 20 times during the month and voila!! You earn an extra $1000 from about 100 minutes of trading. That one trade every 37.2 hours

- Install Metamask on your chrome browser - Your Binance account for transferring BEP20 funds - Your Coinbase account for transferring ERC20 funds Members who use this referral link to activate their Binance account will earn higher bonuses. Members who use this referral link to activate their Coinbase account will earn even higher bonuses. If you need any help in setting up, please feel free to get in touch with our support desk.

Getting up to 10X your account balance as a loan is a loyalty benefit of sorts. Community members who remain actively trading on the exchange for over 12 months will be eligible to apply for capital acquisition financing (i.e. financing business assets, buying a delivery truck for your business, buying a home or paying off an expensive debt. Your qualify loan amount will depend on the value of the NFTs, Liquidity holdings, Staked $LGTX pairs that you're holding at the time of your application. Your activity level is also taken into consideration.

LIGNUM GOLD is the designated native token for the Lignum Gold Peer-to-Peer trading exchange. You make an R.O.I when you provide liquidity and stake your NFTs as well as the top tokens with $LGTX pairs. earn 30% and even higher when you partner with us.

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